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If you need a checkup and cleaning, or a bothering tooth checked, or want to know if bleeding gums mean you have gum disease, or want any other issue looked at… we will give you candid recommendations, explain all options and let you know the costs beforehand.
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When treatment is done the same day , we will not charge for the consultation, only the x-ray and treatment. Click  here and read under SERVICES “Limited Exam and one Xray”.
QUESTION :  I am a new patient. How much is my visit going to cost?
ANSWER : If you call or text we will answer that question. We never                  do any treatment until you know the cost and consent having it done.                             


QUESTION : If my gums bleed, do I have gum (periodontal) disease?                  Do I need a deep cleaning?
ANSWER : Not necessarily. You may  have gingivitis, which is only the  inflammation of the gums that can be corrected with a prophylaxis (cleaning) and improved home hygiene. We charge $130 for a cleaning            and it takes 40 minutes. In many cases, that restores the gum’s health          and no further treatment is necessary. We recommend a prophylaxis       every 6 months.

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New patients welcome!