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Composite resin, commonly known as bonding, is a modern, strong and highly cosmetic filling material used to restore teeth. It is cured with light and as the name implies, bonds to the tooth.
In the past, when this technology was not available or fully developed, silver fillings were used. But these did not bond to the tooth and the color was  an unaesthetic silver that often turned dark. Today’s bondings are very reliable and have replaced silver fillings almost completely.
The material itself is strong, durable and inert, meaning it will not cause an allergic or adverse reaction. Because today’s bondings are light cured they do not chemically react to change color as the old, non – light cured bondings did.
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Bonding Used to Restore Broken Teeth
Bonding Used to Replace Old Filling
Cavity Restored with Bonding
Caries does not only form you see it, it can form in between the teeth where only an x-ray will detect. The above case presents a molar that appeared to have minor caries. However, large caries was found coming from the side, which an x-ray had detected. It was restored with natural looking composite resin “bonding.”
Bonding Used to Restore Fractured Silver Filling
Old or fractured silver fillings (amalgams) should be replaced since leakage will ocurr leading to decay underneath. 1st photo shows an old fractured amalgam, 2nd photo shows deteriorated tooth with decay after the silver filling is removed, 3rd photo shows molar restored with composite resin also known as “bonding”.
Broken Tooth Restored with Bonding
A fractured premolar is restored by placing a pin and composite resin “bonding” with very esthetic  results. Because it is large, a crown could be necessary in the future.
Hidden Caries Restored with Bonding
Another case of caries forming where you cannot see it – in between the teeth. Only an x-ray will detect that type of caries.  1. Pre-op. 2. Caries exposed. 3. Caries cleaned and resored with bonding. All these cases show why it is important to have an annual exam with x-rays.
Lateral teeth that are underdeveloped can be given full normal anatomy with bonding.
Gap Closed with Bonding
A natural gap can be restored with bonding. Notice that the ragged borders were also made nice and even.
Hidden caries on the side of a canine tooth restored with bonding. 1. Caries present not apparent to the untrained eye. 2. Caries uncovered. 3. Caries restored with bonding.
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