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Need checkup cleaning or emergency evaluated? Our office is a general dentistry practice that performs many procedures. We advice patients to have on their first visit:

Comprehensive Exam + Complete set of x-rays

You will be shown x-rays and photos taken, and explained in detail your situation. A treatment plan will be made and emailed to you, explaining your needs, cost and number of appointments needed. We will answer all your questions as you prefer: in-person, phone, email or text.
If you just have a concern about a particular tooth area we will initally do:

Limited Exam and One Digital Periapical x-ray.

Your problem can be evaluated and treatment suggested. Before any treatment you will be advised of cost. If you have the work done that same day the limited  exam (consultation) will be discounted.

Prophylaxis (Cleaning). 

If your gums bleed, do you have gum (periodontal) disease? Do you need a deep cleaning? Not necessarily. You may only have gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums that can be corrected with a prophylaxis (cleaning) and improved home hygiene. 
When you have a prophylaxis with us, you will be given a thorough cleaning and taught effective brushing and flossing techniques. In the majority of cases, that restores your gum’s health and no further treatment is necessary. We recommend a prophylaxis every 6 months.

Bondings (Tooth Colored Fillings).

Have a cavity or broken tooth? The beautiful, natural way to restore your teeth.  No more dark or silver look in your mouth.


We perform extractions. Some complicated cases or with compromised medical histories will be referred to a local oral surgeon.


The best way to replace missing teeth. We have an in office surgeon that places implants.

Gum Surgery / Deep Cleaning.

If you have gum pockets deeper than 5mm, with bone loss and deep radiographic calculus (tartar) on the roots of your teeth, you likely need gum surgery or a deep cleaning.  We always probe (measure) the gums as part of any exam to check gum health, and will let you know your situation.

Crowns and Fixed Bridges.

Restore weak teeth that have large fillings and/or root canal treatment with a beautiful, natural looking all porcelain crown or fixed bridge.

Root Canal (Endodontic) Treatment.

 It is how we save teeth that are painful, have an abscess or nerve infection. A small opening is made through the top or back of the tooth, the sick nerve is cleaned out from the inside of the tooth, and a plastic filling is placed to seal the root internally. The pain, infection or sensitivity go away after root canal treatment. We treat incisors, and premolars. Molars or very complicated root canals are sent to a local specialist.

Partial Denture.

Can be done when some teeth are missing. Cost effective alternative to implants. It is a removable prosthesis. We also offer flexite (very flexible all plastic natural looking) partial dentures.

Complete Denture.

Done when all teeth are missing in the top or bottom. It is removable and natural looking.

Repair of Complete Denture and Partial Denture.

When your complete denture or partial breaks off  teeth, a hook, or cracks into pieces, we can send it to the lab for repairing. Depending how early you come in, it will be repaired and ready that same day or the following one.


Recement Loose Crown or Fixed Bridge.

If a crown or fixed bridge comes out, we will recement it with a high quality dental cement.


If you wake up in the morning with a headache, or your front teeth’s edges are worn down, or you keep breaking teeth, then very likely you are a night tooth grinder or “bruxer”. Many people grind their teeth at night without knowing, because they are asleep! With a nightguard your teeth are protected from unnecessary wear and breakage. We make small, custom, nightguards.



Make your teeth whiter. A custom tray is constructed at the lab and strong bleaching gel provided for you to use at home with the tray.
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Orthodontics / Braces

Our office does not place braces. We refer our patients to Advanced Orthodontics, a state of the art orthodontic office owned by Dr. Jorge Donoso, an excellent orthodontist.
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Regular Business Hours
Monday – Thursday, 6:30 AM – 12 PM 
If you have a health threatening emergency such as pain and swelling you will be seen that same day. Please call as early as possible. If you have a lesser emergency such as broken tooth, lost / broken filling, loose crown or bridge, broken denture or partial, bleeding gums etc., we will do our best to accommodate you that same day. Dr. Rodriguez will examine you, take a digital x-ray and present treatment alternatives.
After Business Hours 
If you are an established patient with a true dental emergency involving pain and swelling call our office for recorded instructions on how to reach Dr. Rodriguez. If you are not an established patient, visit your local emergency room and call our office during regular business hours.