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Crowns are tooth shaped  prosthetic reinforcements made by a dental laboratory. They are used to restore teeth that are badly broken down, have very large fillings and /or have root canal treatment. Crowns are cemented permanently over the tooth making it stronger and helping prevent breakage. The process takes 2-3 visits and we utilize University Dental Lab, high quality lab localized in Coral Springs. Our lab does all the work at its premises and cases are never sent to an overseas laboratory. 
All crowns we make are natural looking, highly esthetic. We utilize two types: porcelain fused to zirconia and porcelain fused to metal. What type we choose depends on the particular case or situation. With good hygiene and care crowns can last a lifetime.
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Fixed bridges are tooth shaped prosthetic replacements of a missing tooth or teeth that is held by natural teeth. A fixed bridge has a crown located at each end and the false tooth (pontic) is located in the middle. Ideally a missing tooth should be replaced with an implant. But if an existing fixed bridge is decayed, has open leaking margins (not sealed) or not esthetic, then a new one can be done. The process takes 3-5 visits and the result is a highly esthetic fixed bridge.
Crown and Bonding Used to Restore Broken Teeth
Patient suffers substantial trauma to the anterior incisors. The smaller fracture is restored with natural looking composite resin (bonding) and the larger fracture with an all porcelain crown.
Molars that have root canal treatment loose strength and are prone to fracturing, specially when a large filling is present. The above molar had root canal treatment and  the silver removed, was built up internally with a composite and a porcelain crown placed over. The molar behind had a bonding.
When a posterior tooth has a large and/or defective filling it should ideally be restored with a porcelain crown to make it stronger and prevent it from breaking.
Unesthetic porcelain to metal bridge replaced with an All Porcelain Bridge
Old fixed bridges that have unesthetic margins or unsightly porcelain color can be replaced with an all porcelain fixed bridge to improve the looks dramatically
Fixed Bridge with Unesthetic Margins Replaced with New Porcelain Bridge
Unesthetic margins occur when a medium or hard toothbrush is used and with harsh brushing. Always use a soft toothbrush and gentle, thorough strokes.
Crowns with dark unesthetic or open margins and uneven size can be replaced with zirconia + porcelain crowns.
Old, large silver filling and enamel fracture lines place this molar at risk for breaking. A porcelain crown strengthens the molar making it less like likely to fracture and much more cosmetic.
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